That Munanga Linguist blog

Late one night a few weeks ago I was looking online for some information about Rembarnga language from Arnhem land as we had a small example of it in our text book and I wanted to find out more. Also, a friend told me that her Mum used to have some Rembarnga but didn’t speak it much and she thought the language had very few speakers left. Well, I was googling away and came across this blog which I instantly got hooked on and couldn’t stop reading. The blog starts in 2005 and follows one linguist’s journey through northern Australia working on various languages and with different communities. I found the blog especially interesting as it gives a really good insight of what being a field linguist might involve as far as cross cultural/linguistic experiences go and all the extra worries like funding, transport, changes in lifestyle etc;

I really think anyone that is aiming to get out into the field as a linguist should have a read of this blog. And check out the links on it too, more cool blogs by linguists right there


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