First Australians show from SBS

Amelia:Hi everyone, I’m kind of guessing that a lot of you will have already seen First Australians that was on SBS a while ago, but I was out of the country when it was aired on TV and never saw it. I was thinking that I’d have to buy the DVD if I wanted to see it, but it’s actually still available online for free! Just thought I’d let you know in case anyone else missed it too. You can either watch it on the SBS website for the program, or subscribe to it as a vodcast through iTunes. I’m watching the second episode right now, about the Aboriginal people of Tasmania, and it’s really fascinating to hear the hugely different opinions that different academics and other guests have on Robinson, the guy who was running the mission. Some are massive fans, others think he was as low as low could get!

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One Response to First Australians show from SBS

  1. dramkoos says:

    I have only seen a couple of them when they aired on SBS early this year. I will check it out on the net. Thanks for your post Amelia 🙂

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