Kriol – Waltjim bat Matilda

Nick suggested in the Week 9 podcast that we try to locate some spoken Kriol.
This song will be familiar to all us Aussies and it demonstrates well that Kriol is an English-lexified creole, NOT a variety of English.

Click to see the website where I found the song clip. (It has the words written out.)
Post script 6th October: Unfortunately, I have just noticed that Lara has already posted this, much earlier way back on 24th August. Oh well, for those like me who missed it…

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One Response to Kriol – Waltjim bat Matilda

  1. kmacken2 says:

    I remember watching this being sung on a doco on the ABC and loving it! I could never find any info on it so YAY for posting this! I’m going to ask if I can have permission to teach it to a choir here in Coffs.

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