Tasmanian Aboriginal People, History and Art Online

I came across this great site for Tasmanian Aboriginal art, history and culture information, and thought that some people would be interested in looking at it.

There is information about Aboriginal life, before the whites invasion, the conflicts between the Aborigines and the British colonists during 1803 and 1823, the removal of the Aboriginesand the creation of the new settlement Wybalenna, on Flinders Island, and how the Aboriginal people live today in Tasmania.



An important guide and interpreter for Robinson was an Aboriginal woman called Truganini. In 1829 Truganini became the partner of Woorraddy and with him accompanied Robinson on his missions to the Aboriginal tribes between 1830-1834.

She worked with Woorraddy to help Robinson move Aboriginal people from the mainland to settle on Flinders Island.

She arrived at the Aboriginal settlement on Flinders Island (Wybalenna) in 1835 disillusioned with Robinson and his mission, realising that the resettlement program would further erode the chances of the remaining Aboriginal population leading their preferred way of life.

In 1839 Truganini went to Port Phillip (now known as Melbourne, Victoria) but returned to Wybalenna in 1842. Woorraddy died on the way, a further blow to Truganini. She then moved with her people to Oyster Cove on the mainland.

Truganini in 1866
Truganini in 1866
(photograph by Charles Wooley)

The Oyster Cove settlement was not successful and most of the people died. At the end of her life Truganini lived in Hobart and was very well known. She died in 1876.


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