Elder’s portrait for Melbourne building

Michele: Believe it or not


High-rise to bear elder’s face
12:00 AEST Wed Sep 15 2010
By ninemsn staff

A apartment building bearing the image of a 19th century Aboriginal leader and artist is set to become a major landmark.

The 32-storey apartment block on the site of the former Carlton brewery will display the face of William Barak, an elder dedicated to greater understanding between black and white Australia.

Barak, a teenager when European settlers founded Melbourne in 1835, became a police trooper and respected painter.

Construction is yet to begin on the building, named ‘Portrait’.


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2 Responses to Elder’s portrait for Melbourne building

  1. Catherine says:

    Surely this would impact severely on the avoidance of references to deceased people. Whilst it is an interesting way of celebrating our aboriginal heritage, have the implications of the idea really been thought out? Having done a quick google search, I do see that the architects have consulted with family members who have given it their approval. However, it still makes me wonder.

  2. awebb3 says:

    Building looks amazing.

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