QPIX Black Pearls – Indigenous Film Course

Michele: In Brisbane last weekend there was a screening of some short first films that were made by graduates of this year’s Certificate IV training course run by QPIX Black Pearls.

Solely for Indigenous people, Black Pearls is an important initiative in giving a voice to Indigenous people through the medium of film-making. However, there is still a way to go as the final cut (in one case, from 20 minutes down to 12) is often made without the film-maker’s involvement.

In May over three weeks NITV screened a series of these short films from this year and previous years.

“After Dark” A hospital matron intervenes when she discovers who the father is of a recently born baby. Her cruel actions cause tragic consequences.

“Jhindu” Jhindu is warned by his Grandfather about the evil spirit called Dujay. Unfortunately the young man does not have a strong enough heart to resist the sinister influence and so succumbs to the spirit’s curse.

“Transit” A man tries to apologise to his former partner for his past violent behavior. He has only 40 minutes to convince her to change her mind about him before having to catch a connecting bus in order to comply with his parole order.

These three short films screened on NITV were also part of last weekend’s Brisbane screening for the 2010 Black Pearl graduates.

Black Pearl from NITV video (Clip 181, but Clip 179 is also of related interest.)

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