TV helps Aboriginal language Noongar revival

Lizzie (21.7.2010)
I came across this very interesting report in which modern technology is aiming to help an ancient language once again be part of our lands. The Noongar language of south-west Western Australia is being televized in an tv series aimed at 3-6 year olds, and in each episode 10-15 new Noongar words are introduced for the children to learn, with a story-time segment on the show as well as traditional Noongar songs. I thought this was particularly relevant to our reading of Chapter 1 by Michael Walsh in which he talks about the extinction of 160 of the 250 Indigenous languages that were spoken at the time of the first European settlement in Australia. This is a wonderful step in the right direction for helping to revive the languages of our land.

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One Response to TV helps Aboriginal language Noongar revival

  1. cmckimm says:

    On the topic of the extinction of languages, the excellent movie made in 2008 “The Linguists” is still available online for free at
    Extremely interesting despite the superficial treatment of the languages discussed.

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